Jesus doesn’t identify you according to your behaviours or behaviours committed against you; neither will we.

As you open your life, hurts and will to the leadership of Jesus, and invite Him to reinterpret the painful memories satan uses to keep you in bondage, Jesus will heal your heart, set you free and give you a vision for life you never thought possible.

“I have come that you might have life…to the full.”  – Jesus

In this classic 6″ x 8″ journal, you will learn how to personally interact with the Holy Spirit through Bible marking and journaling. You will also find:

  • 90 journal pages using the S.T.A.R.T method

  • Two of our best Authentic Living exercises

  • A condensed Authentic Life Plan worksheet

  • A prayer and answer journal

  • Instructions for forming a Transformation Triad and suggested meeting formats

The Authentic Life Journal can be used as a stand alone discipleship tool or a follow up to Freedom Session Foundations and Authentic Living.





  • Must be a Canadian resident.

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