Without warning, suddenly your life can be turned upside down. When a pandemic or other crisis strikes, where can you go for hope and answers?

In this new release, Do You Need a Miracle? Real Life Stories of God at Work Today, you’ll hear from real people who faced life-or-death situations and saw God intervene and protect them in amazing ways. You’ll see stories of deliverance from a deadly virus, a savage bear attack, a fiery plane crash, and more.

Experience real-life stories of the miraculous, of major life-transforming encounters, and unexpected moments of supernatural intervention!

  • Inches From Death: How did a young mom and wife survive a savage, unrelenting bear attack, and how can her courageous story help you to face the challenges in your life today?
  • Trapped in an Inferno: How did a light aircraft pilot and his wife walk away from the flaming wreckage of a horror-filled plane crash, and how can their story of supernatural rescue strengthen your faith?
  • Brain-Dead: How did a grim medical diagnosis turn around for an atheist following an encounter with Jesus, and how can his story help bring peace to your heart today?
  • Killer Virus!: How did a young pastor survive a killer virus to the astonishment of doctors, and how can his story of faith help you face the unknown with renewed faith?
  • And much more…

Are there situations in your life that seem beyond your control? Do you struggle to see a way forward? Do you need a miraculous answer to your prayers?

Miracles can be yours today! It is possible to rise above disaster, overcome fear, break the hold of doubt, and walk in new levels of faith. God wants to bless you and show Himself strong on your behalf!

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