Especially for Pastors and students of the Word of God. We pray that the following resources may help you with  preparation of presentation each week or to go deeper in your personal Bible Study.

We have provided the links below for your edification, but please understand that a listing here does not equate to a full endorsement of everything published on a particular website.


Bible Gateway
Resources to promote and enhance Bible reading
An on-line interactive reference library
The Web's largest library of online Bible study resources 
Online resource to download over 17,000 sermons
Answers in Genesis                        Answers in Genesis
                        An apologetic ministry defending attacks on Genesis
ICR                         Institute for Creation Research
                         Provides scientific evidences of biblical accuracy
Open Bible                         Open Bible
                         Geocoding all the known locations in the Bible using Google Earth
Charles Spurgeon                        The Spurgeon Archive
                        The comprehensive repository of C. H. Spurgeon 
Our Daily Bread              Our Daily Bread
              Daily devotional helping people spend time in God's Word daily


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