God Is For Us!

Verses of Salvation, Peace and Victory 

The Bible tells us that spending time with the Word of God will have a powerful effect on our lives.

New on CD—Pat Robertson has recorded verses from Romans that will build your faith!

Just look at some of the promises God has made concerning His Word:

• It brings healing, snatching us from death’s door. ~ Psalm 107:20

• It always produces fruit, and it prospers everywhere God sends it. ~ Isaiah 55:11

• It brings joy and delight to our hearts. ~ Jeremiah 15:16

• It will never fail. ~ Luke 1:37

• It provides correction and instruction and makes us ready for God’s work in our lives. ~ 2 Timothy 3:16

And now, exclusively for partners of 700 Club Canada, Pat has recorded treasured verses from one of the greatest books of salvation and instruction in all the Bible. You can listen over and over to these precious verses and let them come alive in your heart and life.

You can:

• Fill your mind with the very foundations

of our faith

• Find assurance of your salvation in Christ

• Experience peace with God

• Enjoy security and confidence that God is for you


Be sure to get your personal copy of Pat Robertson’s latest recording for you: God Is For Us! Verses of Salvation, Peace and Victory when you join the 700 Club Canada today.


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