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wings matWings Maternity Home

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It is our joy to share how your contributions have specifically touched the present and future lives of the women at the WINGS Maternity Home. Because of your help, The 700 Club Canada was able to donate towards the renovation of their kitchen. It is commonly recognized that, ‘The kitchen is the heart of the home’ and while your generosity has made this into a reality, it is the lives of these precious women residing at WINGS, who were once stigmatized as statistics in society, that will never be the same. Your love for the Kingdom has translated into the tangible equipping, empowering and enabling of mothers-to-be. In light of providing basic homemaking skills, their journey into motherhood will transition them into wholeness, alongside the Godly mentorship of Founder and Chief Executive Mother (C.E.M), Marion Cozens. She started this ministry back in February of 2009, with this very vision in mind when she converted her home into a niche of love and support for homeless expecting mothers. Because of partners like you, the meals prepared, the lessons taught and the victories shared in that kitchen will be forever remembered and savoured for years and generations to come, all in the name of Jesus. Watch The 700 Club Canada to see this report.


scott-missionScott Mission Camp

This summer, 700 Club Canada partners made it possible for single mothers/caregivers and their children to attend The Scott Mission Camp in Caledon. Thanks to your help, families were able to rest, unwind, and have fun in each other’s company.




barnone campBarNone Camp

As a partner you also helped provide a summer camp experience for disadvantaged and underprivileged youth in New Brunswick at BarNone Camp, a ministry of Bridges of Canada. As a camp, they provide at-risk youth and children whose parents are ex-offenders with a positive, Christian camping experience. BarNone Camp is dedicated to cherishing, teaching, and ministering to some of the most forgotten children in communities.


alberta floodingAlberta Flooding

The 700 Club Canada was able to step in and provide aid for the flood victims by partnering with Samaritan’s Purse. Not only did you fund the cleanup and disaster relief after the devastating flood, but you also assisted the most important part of the project: helping residents return to their homes. Houses that had been damaged by the high water were sanitized and pressure washed. Volunteer construction crews worked to either tear down and rebuild homes that were badly damaged, or repair those that were less severely ravaged by the flood. One of the most important jobs was to ensure that the homes were treated for mold. Procedures that would have been costly for the homeowners were provided to them free of charge because of 700 Club Canada partners who cared enough to give to those who lost everything. Not only are homes being rebuilt, but your help also ensured that the people of the communities impacted by the flood were cared for physically and spiritually. Hygiene kits, assembled by volunteers, were distributed across Calgary and to the residents of High River, where the flooding was the worst.


Brian & LLBroadcasting Ministries

Through the ministry of the 700 Club in Canada, millions of Canadians have access to one of the most unusual daily Christian television programs being produced today!
With its unique blend of life transforming Bible teaching, dynamic Christian testimonies, and insightful commentary on world events, The 700 Club with Pat Robertson, Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen provides a Christian perspective that is desperately needed in the Canadian television mosaic.
Building on the strengths of the daily 700 Club programming, The 700 Club Canada, with hosts Brian Warren and Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, provides Canadians with one of Canada's most exciting daily Christian telecasts. This daily half-hour show, The 700 Club Canada is available nationwide to bring the Gospel to every province in Canada.
Combined with its telephone prayer ministry services, the 700 Club programming has become a powerful instrument for the Kingdom of God in regularly reaching countless thousands of Canadians for Christ!


Operation Blessing MinistriesOperation Blessing Ministries

CBA is not only reaching out with the message of God's love in Canada but is demonstrating that love through its specialized ministries to the poor and the needy.
Every day CBA is helping with food and clothing to the poor and destitute of Canada. Whether it is in the far reaches of the north or in the most densely populated cities of our nation, you are there as we touch lives one at a time.


Prison MinistriesPrison Ministries

We are committed to bringing the love of Jesus to needy Canadians whoever they may be and wherever they may be found.
That's why CBA is involved in special ministry efforts to some of this nation's most forgotten people, the thousands of men and women who are incarcerated within the Canadian prison system.
Each month, both convicts and ex-convicts desperately needing help are able to attend Christ centred substance abuse programs, sponsored by the 700 Club in Canada. And many are being set free!
The families of those left behind are receiving much needed spiritual and emotional support, along with material help as well.
Most exciting are the one day crusades being sponsored by CBA within some of Canada’s toughest prisons - with the approval of Correctional Services! Videos of these crusades are being distributed and shown within other prisons right across the Dominion.


To the least of them...to the least of them

Jesus wants to touch every person in our society, not just those in the large urban areas.
You go with us as we bring the love of Christ to Inuit families in the far North and First Nations peoples across the land. God is doing great things in the lives of so many as we demonstrate His love by meeting their material needs which then becomes a gateway for the Gospel. Thank you for standing with us.

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