Special Seniors’ In Our Community! 

We asked YOU who a special senior is in YOUR life. Read these amazing responses:

  1. My 84-year-old father Erik. He is generous to a fault, always helps others & he accepts people the way they are. I have learned many life lessons from him & I’m proud to call him Dad. 
  2. I have a special senior friend to tell you about. First, she is a very devoted Christian. Her husband got sick about fifteen years ago and she has cared for him at home all these years. She never complains or asks “Why me.”? She is always calm and smiling, goes to Bible study every week and looks after all the many everyday things that arise. Whenever I go to see her the Bible is always open on her table. She reads it daily. In my eyes, she is an incredible role model, not only for her children and grandchildren but for all of us. She is a very dear friend. Her name is Donna Brown.
  3. I would like to think my mother is an amazing senior, a few years ago she was told she only had 6 months to live. She is still here today. She is the strongest woman I know. She is a strong believer, and never owned what the doctors told her. She prayed to the Lord for answers and she was answered. She was told if she didn’t take chemotherapy she would not live long. The Lord spoke to her not to and she believed and refused the chemotherapy. She has been through a lot of trials, but she keeps going strong. I have learned everything I know about the lord from my mother and she has made me a true believer. I would also like to thank everyone at the 700 Club Canada who prayed for my mom over this time, as I have requested many prayers for her. God bless.
  4. I appreciate my husband Bill, he will be 83 on June 3. We have been married for 41 years. He does the best can despite his health issues, dealing with Parkison disease.
  5. My beautiful friend Mary Farrow is a prayer warrior, mentor, Bible teacher, missionary, Reverend and a wonderful friend to me for twenty-five years. She never fails to amaze us!!! She is so kind, patient, generous, servant and very very wise!!!
  6. My dear grandmother, Lise Guertin, She’s a very precious senior and her love for God and her walk with Him has been a blessing to us.
  7. Lorraine Molyneaux is very special. She lives a truly godly life and plants and waters many seeds in the lives of others. She is honest and has a pure heart. When I first moved in with her in June 2018 she made sure I knew that I was loved and if her landlord would not allow me to stay there, she would find another place and take me with her. I have watched her put others first and not even think of herself. She teaches us how to live and is a good example. I only pray I too am becoming more like Christ.
  8. Pat Strong is 86 and truly Amazing. She never stops is very loving. She takes out the trash, cleans the yard, shed and more for a 31 yr old neighbour and also cares for her son. She is very loving and caring and only thinks of others. Even after a heart attack, she did not let it stop her.
  9. David and Gloria Garvie are my Super Seniors. They are always positive and bring a joyful perspective on life no matter what comes their way. They have helped many people. David was recognized as one of the “happiest people alive” on the Oprah Winfrey show years ago! They love the Lord and love life.
  10. My wife Mattie is my special Senior. She takes care of me, cooks, and helps me in my ministry. She helps me pastor the church. When our youth comes home, she makes sure they are taken care of by cooking for them and giving them and their children something.
  11. I would like to take this opportunity to honour my spiritual mother, friend and sister in the Lord, Sylvia Andrade. She is a mentor, teacher and caring person. She’s a prayer warrior, she’s always thinking of others. She organized a prayer group on WhatsApp for many of us to be in touch and pray together for whoever needs it. She is very enthusiastic about doing new things. She’s a great cook! I admire her dedication when she used to do a volunteer job! (Now she doesn’t because of restrictions) but still looking forward to helping out with friends. See attached her 80th birthday Celebration!! God bless her heart!