Dr. Pat Robertson has lived a remarkable life of faith and has seen the hand of God at work in the realms of ministry, business, education, humanitarian outreach, and media broadcast. Discover how Pat—working on Wall Street at the time—sought out God’s plan for his life and learn the simple steps he took that set him on a course for worldwide ministry, impacting hundreds of millions of lives for eternity.

In this special DVD teaching, Pat shares keys to how he discovered God’s divine plan and the biblical principles he put into practice that resulted in tremendous blessing. 

Scott Ross joins Pat Robertson as Pat reveals the scriptural principles for understanding the unique plan God has designed just for you. The Bible declares that we are God’s workmanship—His own special creation—a masterpiece of great value, living a life designed by the Master Artist: God Himself.

Order The Plan today to uncover how you can unlock God’s powerful plan for your life—and how to experience heaven’s provision to accomplish so much more than you ever dreamed possible! If you have a plan for your life—God’s plan will far exceed it! If you don’t have a plan—you can know God’s plan today!

You’ll discover:

  • The role of faith in finding God’s will
  • How your obedience aids in the revealing of God’s will
  • What happens when we go against God’s will (and how He brings us back
  • Practicing God’s will (practical steps you can use every day)
  • Why big decisions require big guidance
  • Your compass in determining God’s plan
  • What role your words play in God’s will
  • God’s primary plan for us

    Plus, your faith will be strengthened as you see these inspirational true stories of people who have encountered the plan that God had in store for them—a plan with life-changing results!

    • How a newly married couple struggling and in debt discovers God’s plan and finds the faith to walk into His great blessing.
    • Bev and Charlotte prayed for a great idea—a witty invention—to get their families out of financial trouble and God delivered a multi-million-dollar idea.
    • How tragedy turned to triumph for a young wife—and how God revealed His plan in the midst of pain.

    As you watch these powerful stories of God’s higher purpose, you’ll experience new levels of faith to see God work in your life too.

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