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Monday, February 26:

Jackie Willford was in labour for over 20 hours when doctors had to perform an emergency C-section. After the baby was delivered, Jackie started to lose a lot of blood. Her husband, Dawson, cried out to God to save his wife.


Tuesday, February 27:

Brooke Nicholls sits down with Laura-Lynn to share her personal journey of going from a pop singer to a worship leader; leading people to Jesus. She and her husband Steve perform her new single ‘Pursue’ to close the show.

Learn more about Brooke at brookenicholls.ca


Wednesday, February 28:

Candice Curry adored her father but never felt loved or accepted by him. When she was taken advantage of by one of her father’s friends at the age of 16, her dad’s rejection deepened her sense of abandonment. It took the childlike faith of Candice’s own daughter to introduce her to an accepting Heavenly Father.


Thursday, March 1:

Melody and Rob’s baby Leighton passed away just 19 days after being born. Heartbroken, Melody became obsessed with having another baby. They tried for years, but it wasn’t until she began to let go of her grief that she became pregnant again.


Friday, March 2:

Aaron and Amy woke up to smoke alarms and their house completely engulfed in flames. With their three daughters spread out throughout the house, only a miracle could get them out alive.

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