I Have Walked With The Living God

Did you know that God’s principles are the one, true “great equalizer” in life?

God’s universal laws can change the trajectory of anyone’s life—regardless of background or circumstance.

Applying God’s irrevocable precepts brings a tremendous blessing, success and true fulfillment. And they are within reach for anyone to grasp!

Get Pat Robertson’s newest book, “I Have Walked with The Living God” along with the audiobook when you join The 700 Club Canada as a monthly partner. In it, Pat recounts his life’s journey and shares amazing accounts of God’s supernatural work from many years of seeking—and hearing—from Him.

From growing up as the son of a U.S. Senator to becoming a Marine Lieutenant in the Korean War, a Yale Law grad, a seminary student, and the founder of the first Christian cable network in the U.S., Pat recounts his life story and the path that God led him on with candour, revealing how God has spoken to him and directed his steps.

I Have Walked with The Living God reveals how God brings miracles into the daily lives of those who trust in Him. It’s a profound book that every Christian, businessperson and minister of the gospel ought to own.

Within its pages, you’ll encounter wisdom and insights that can help you maximize your full potential as a Christian.

This is your guidebook to experiencing uncommon success!

Be encouraged and inspired as Pat traces his personal steps of faith for you in this special hardcover edition.

  • Pat reveals his candid story of how our heavenly Father guides and directs those who trust in Him.
  • Pat shares his deepest feelings about a God who brings miracles into the daily lives of ordinary people.
  • You will thoroughly enjoy this riveting, often humorous, inside look at Pat’s remarkable life as he battles to build the most effective broadcast ministry in history.

Can you hear from God? This remarkable book shouts a resounding YES!

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