April 26-30

One of the most miracle-filled and important weeks of the year is coming up here at The 700 Club Canada. It is our annual Week of Prayer, a special time set aside to pray for you, our beloved partner in ministry.

During these special times of prayer, we have seen amazing answers— life-changing miracles—as we have joined our faith with yours and brought your requests before the Lord.

Week of Prayer Participants

The 700 Club Canada is so excited to have these amazing special guests join us this week to pray for their communities within Canada and the work God is doing.

Monday, April 26th: Peter Cusick, Crystal Lavallee, Inez Whitehead

Tuesday, April 27th: Andrew Maves, Balan & Joy Swaminathan

Wednesday, April 28th: Steven Carleton

Thursday, April 29th: Danny Mackay & Sonia McKenney-Bauer

Friday, April 30th:  Gordon Warriner & Joanne Radke

Watch Full Episodes Here

“The Answer To Anxiety” Booklet

God’s answer to anxiety can be found in His Word. Download this free inspirational resource and be encouraged with these Scripture verses.

So then, what is the answer to anxiety?

1. Humbling yourself before God, letting Him control your situations and outcomes.

2. Continually casting your cares on Him, decisively throwing off your worries and being glad to be rid of them.

3. Resting in His everlasting love and care for you, being convinced that He is personally concerned about you.

Week of Prayer Tent Card

Place this tent card where you can see it each day and be reminded of God’s faithfulness to hear you.

Pray for God’s continued blessing on our lives and our beloved country.


Week of Prayer Resources