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Partnering with the 700 Club Canada allows you to:

  • Receive monthly Power for Life teachings on CD or DVD from Pat and Gordon Robertson when you give through our automatic monthly giving program, Pledge Express.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your gift will help broadcast the Gospel across Canada
  • Receive a monthly mailing complete with a copy of Frontlines – our exciting publication detailing the exciting things that are happening through the ministries of the 700 Club Canada.
  • Help bless our various partner ministries across Canada with funds and support to carry out God’s work

Become a 700 Club Canada partner today, and we will send you these three DVDs today!

In this DVD/CD, Pat Robertson teaches on The Transforming Word: Verses for Health and Healing.

Join Pat Robertson as he helps you discover the biblical principles that can lead to experiencing the miraculous healing of God in your life.

In this powerful video, Pat Robertson teaches you how to overcome fear so you can enjoy the freedom you have in Christ and experience the peace of God.

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