Guests of the Week

Please join us the week of Oct 18, 2021, to hear from our special guests Jason Byassee and Suzie Klimt.

Jason Byassee– Author of the newly released book “Following.”

Suzie Klimt– Author of the newly released book “2-3 Tears.” 






Celebrate Partner Week!

We are inviting you to celebrate our Partner Week by joining our live Zoom audience on Monday, October 18, 2021. 

We want to thank all of our amazing partners by giving you an opportunity to be part of a live show and see behind the scenes how we film a show. Enjoy a special time with the hosts before the show starts, submit prayer requests and receive prayer from our hosts. This will be a fun time for all! 

A Thanksgiving Cornucopia with Shaunna Leinster

Join Professional Chef Shaunna Leinster as she cooks her favourite Thanksgiving recipes this week. Each day spotlights a fall favourite ingredient including apples, brussel sprouts, corn, sweet potatoes and winter squash. We also are providing you with all the recipes for your own cooking! 

The Nearness of Heaven

In this latest DVD, The Nearness of Heaven, Gordon Robertson and co-host Ashley Key bring you powerful testimonies and teaching that will help you discover biblical truths about heaven and how to experience the kingdom of God here on earth.

Get your personal copy of Gordon Robertson’s latest DVD: The Nearness of Heaven when you join the 700 Club Canada as a monthly partner today.

October Frontlines

The October issue of our monthly Frontlines magazine is here! Read exclusive articles, get timely content from our show, catch up with our hosts and more!

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Written in Stone: Secrets of the Temple

Hosted by CBN’s Gordon Robertson, Written in Stone: Secrets of the Temple takes you on an archaeological journey, revealing discoveries that provide an extraordinary look into the holy Temple and the people who worshipped there. This DVD is a blessing for everyone who loves the Bible and wants to see how archaeological finds confirm the truth of God’s Word.

GET YOUR DVD & ACCESS TO 4K STREAMING For A Donation Of Any Dollar Amount!

Pat Robertson Announces His Retirement

CBN Founder Pat Robertson, America’s longest-running TV host, is stepping down from his role as daily host of The 700 Club.

He announced on the 60th anniversary of CBN’s first broadcast that he is moving on to new projects. “Today’s show will be my final as host of The 700 Club,” said Robertson. “My replacement will be my very capable son, Gordon, who will take over as full-time host of the program.” 


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October 20, 2021

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