Special Guest This Week

September 30 –  Wade Sanderson

Wade Sanderson, Inspire Fire Ministries, an indigenous evangelist, joins us to discuss National Truth and Reconciliation Day and his journey to faith.

Special Guest This Week

September 28 –  Rev. Jeff Futers

Rev. Jeff Futers, Executive Director at First Century Foundations, has traveled extensively to Israel.  He shares why he is passionate about Israel and what he wants others to understand about the people and ministries of Israel.

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Gordon Robertson records for you his latest teaching, The Lord Is My Shepherd: A Psalm of David.

Gordon takes the listener on a journey through the 23rd Psalm, one of the most beloved and memorized portions of the Bible. Discover the anointing,  restoration, protection, and provision God has pledged to you.

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Hosted by CBN’s Gordon Robertson, Written in Stone: Kings and Prophets takes you on an archaeological journey, revealing new discoveries and artifacts that provide an extraordinary look into events that took place thousands of years ago. you will witness firsthand how relics of the past illuminate what life was like in Israel during biblical times. Written in Stone: Kings and Prophets is a blessing for everyone who loves the Bible and desires to dig deeper into how history, science, and archaeology continue to confirm the truth of God’s Word.

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September 29, 2022

DO MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN? On today’s 700 Club Canada, a couple’s faith is put to the test with the diagnosis of an inoperable tumor and, after suffering a widow maker heart attack, a man miraculously survives thanks to prayers from others.

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The Lord is My Shepherd

Gordon Robertson records for you his latest teaching, The Lord Is My Shepherd: A Psalm of David. Gordon takes the listener on a journey through the 23rd Psalm, one of the most beloved and memorized portions of the Bible. Discover the anointing, restoration, protection, and provision God has  pledged to you.

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