Our Mission

The mission of CBA is to prepare Canada for the coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a time in history when “the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.”

In achieving our mission, our chief method is the strategic use of mass communication, especially television and film; the distribution of DVDs, films and literature; and the conduct of education that will train the young and old to understand how the principles of the Kingdom of God relate to those spheres of human endeavour which play a dominant role in our world.

In achieving our mission, nothing should be done that does not glorify God and His son Jesus Christ.

Three words should characterize the execution of our mission.

  • First, we will be innovative. Our task is not to duplicate or copy other men’s labours.
  • Second, we will be excellent. Our work must either be of lasting value and highest quality or it should not be done at all.
  • Third, we will demonstrate integrity. In our work, our public relations, our internal and external communications, there will be an abiding commitment to truth. Integrity must characterize all of our dealings with others.

In staffing for our mission, we must insist on securing the best possible men and women for each task, and we will make every effort to see that people and tasks are matched appropriately. Our policy will be to secure a small staff of outstanding people and to compensate them well for their labours. Our staff should be “filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom.” God’s work must be done by God’s people, equipped and chosen.

Implicit in the fulfillment of our mission is the demonstration of all of the principles of the Kingdom of God, especially that of reciprocity. Therefore, we continually endeavour to give generous assistance to the relief of human need and suffering throughout the world as well as donations to other organizations that share our basic objectives. We believe that God’s work, done according to the principles of His kingdom, will prosper financially. We cannot serve God and money, so service to God and His call always takes precedence over conflicting considerations of money. Nevertheless, we recognize that only those activities which are economically viable can continue in our present society, so planning must take into account economic viability.

We also categorically state that the payment of accounts when due is a key ingredient of integrity. We seek to finance our activities by all lawful and morally correct means, including but not limited to contributions, sales, and investment income. In planning we will endeavour to project adequate income for current activities, plus generous surpluses from which we can build and expand.

In the fulfillment of our mission, as to calling and message, our Biblical role model is John the Baptist. As to wisdom it is Solomon. As to ministry to Israel it is the prophet Ezekiel. In all that we are, do, and say it is Jesus Christ.

We are a registered charity in Canada | Business registration number: 10691 8352 RR0001

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