Shireen Spencer

Rev. Shireen Spencer is a Church of the Nazarene credentialed minister who has served since 2005, working to connect people to God through the Word, Worship and Working Relationships. Shireen has pastored in two different churches working with youth, families and couples; leading worship, choirs and preaching. She is expanding her ministry to work with churches and Christian organizations in the areas of speaking, worship leading, and working with couples. 

Inspiring people to be intentional about knowing God through connection with His Word, Worship and Working Relationships.

Through Shireen’s genuine, vulnerable and open messages – filled with personal stories – she inspires people to: 

  • Live the reality of their present moments and see God working 
  • Find peace joy and strength in challenging and painful times 
  • Learn how their thoughts can be transformed so their lives can be too 
  • Recognize God has a purpose in everything 

Scripture is important because it helps us see, hear and understand God and also ourselves more. If we spent more time with the Word of God we would have more victorious experiences and stories 
to share. 

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