Recent Guests

Josie Pittiglio-Vivona

Josie shares her insights and parenting principles from her 25 years of experience in education.
Book: Parents Make a Difference

> March 8
> March 28

Terry Posthumus

The inspirational singer, songwriter and father of 11, opens up about finding hope after loss.

> March 7
> March 23

Sherry Stahl

International Speaker Sherry Stahl talks about her personal story, finding purpose in God's Word and her book "Water In The Desert"

> February 16

Susan Stewart

The former Canadian Olympic basketball player shares her insights on what to do when life takes a turn.
Book: Unbreakable

> March 2

Sathiya Sam

Talented up and coming artist Sathiya Sam shares about his new album "Deeper" and what it means to experience God in a new way.

> February 7

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