Recent Guests

Lorna Dueck

TV personality Lorna Dueck talks with Brian about the divisiveness and unrest in our Canadian culture.

> January 23

Andrea Edwards

Be encouraged by the power of God as Andrea shares her testimony with Brian on battling and overcoming depression.
Book: Rescued by the Light

> January 18

Michael and Mabel Gordon

Michael & Mabel Gordon discuss the gift of Grace and offer tips for a long and healthy marriage.
Book: Darkness to Light

> January 4
> January 25

Sherika Powell

Sherika opens up with Laura-Lynn on overcoming long term abuse as a child and how with God, we can fulfill our potentials.
Book: A Woman Unchained

> January 16

Bill Prankard

Founder of the Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association shares his thoughts and experience on evangelism in Canada.

> December 13

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