Discover the Meaning Behind Your Favourite Holiday Traditions & Experience the Special Reading of a Beloved Christmas Classic

Includes Streaming!

Filmed in eight countries, Christmas: The Story Behind the Traditions takes you around the world to discover the history of Christmas and the meaning behind the traditions you love to celebrate.

This Christmas, you can add greater meaning to your holiday as you learn:

  • Why December 25th is the historical birthdate of Jesus
  • What is the symbolism behind Christmas trees and stockings?
  • How did the tradition of gift-giving begin?
  • Bonus Features—Advent: The Coming of Christ, The Christmas Truce: Holiday in the Trenches, Zak’s Shop: Christmas Gifts from Bethlehem

Plus—Exclusively for You

Now you can enjoy one of the best-loved Christmas stories of all time: A Christmas Carol, read by Pat Robertson.

Pat has recorded an incredible holiday treasure for you. You’ll love listening to this Christmas classic with your family and friends. It’s a timeless story that will be enjoyed by young and old alike!

Offer includes A Christmas Carol
for a limited-time!


As a thank you for your gift of $25 or more to the 700 Club Canada you’ll receive:

  1. Christmas: The Story Behind the Traditions DVD
  2. A Christmas Carol audio CD read by Pat Robertson

Your gift will help bring lasting joy to Canadians this season by feeding the hungry, helping to heal the sick, and most importantly, sharing the Gospel with the lost.

Please request your copies by December 13 to ensure Christmas delivery!