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Superbook is an amazing collection of computer-animated Bible adventures that kids and parents love.

CBA’s new Superbook® has animation stories of real Bible heroes whose success came from trusting God and following His direction. Your kids will learn valuable, life-long lessons of faith and victory!

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No matter what obstacles we face, God’s love can overcome them.

How The Superbook DVD Club works:

  • When you join The Superbook DVD Club, you will automatically receive each new episode of Superbook.
  • Your tax-deductible gift will also help produce future Superbook episodes, bring the Word of God to children all across Canada and help further The 700 Club ministry in Canada
  • Please note due to CRA regulations the Fair Market Value will be indicated on your year-end receipt.

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Superbook DVD Club

Yes, I want to join the Superbook DVD Club and receive each new episode of Superbook plus two free copies. I understand that my $25 donation (per subscription) will automatically be charged to my account each time a new Superbook DVD becomes available every 4 to 6 weeks. Click “Join Superbook DVD Club” below to download a form to be filled out and mailed to us to ensure your participation. You may cancel your subscription at anytime by calling or writing to CBA (1-877-439-6410). Due to Canadian regulations the Fair Market Value of each DVD will be indicated on your year-end receipt.

Important information for new Superbook DVD Club Members! You will be charged $25 immediately for your first Superbook episode when you join the Superbook DVD Club. Your second episode $25 charge can occur anytime after your first, based on when in the release cycle you sign up. Thereafter, you will be charged every 4 to 6 weeks when a new episode becomes available.

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