The I Wills of God

Together with co-host Scott Ross, Pat gives you the tools you need to get beyond the crippling effects of fear and worry, to live a life of victory and power. The Word of God is living and powerful, and this teaching on Psalm 91 will be a shield and comfort to your soul. The I Wills of God can transform your thinking and set you free from fear.

Angels: Their Power, Purpose and Presence

Angels were created to serve God. These magnificent beings have awesome power beyond our comprehension. In Angels: Their Power, Presence and Purpose, Pat Robertson and co-host, Scott Ross, share biblical insights into these mysterious spiritual creatures and the important role they play in God's kingdom. You'll also witness real people's stories of their encounters with angels, and you'll see how those encounters changed their lives forever!

Miraculous Blessings

In Miraculous Blessings, Pat Robertson, along with co-host Scott Ross, shares how you can stay in that wonderful place of favour and see miraculous blessings in your life. Pat teaches directly from the Bible on how you can be in a position to receive God's abundant blessings.

How Shall We Now Live?

If you could ask God any question, what would it be? We partnered with a leading research company and asked thousands of people throughout the United States what question they would ask God, if they had the chance. In this video teaching, Pat Robertson gives biblical answers to the top questions on the minds of Americans, in How Shall We Now Live?

Be Healed

In this DVD release, Be Healed! you'll see incredible stories of real people who received their healing. You'll witness miraculous victories over cancer, aneurysms, deafness, heart disease, infections and much more. Join Pat Robertson as he helps you discover the biblical principles that can lead to experiencing the miraculous healing of God in your life. It's all here for you in this powerful video!

Life Beyond the Grave

In this video, Pat Robertson takes you on a journey to examine the biblical truth concerning eternity. You'll meet people who experienced death and visited both heaven and hell.

Heaven: What God Has Prepared For Those Who Love Him

It’s the Most Important Question Any of Us Will Ever Face. Where Will I Spend Eternity? In this powerful video by Pat Robertson you’ll meet real people who have died and gone to heaven, and then returned to tell us about it. Pat shares biblical truths about heaven and how you can know for sure you’ll be there.

Visions of the Night: How God Speaks in Dreams

In his DVD, Gordon Robertson will teach you how to identify which dreams are from God, understand the meaning of your dreams and respond when God speaks to you in dreams.